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Gypsy Publications is a family owned and run micropublishing company. Their mission is to help authors take the fear, stress, and worry out of publication.
      June 19th, 2012
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Local Authors Visit New Gallery

for Gypsy Publications Book Signing

Article provide by Matt Bayman
Miami County News

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TROY, OHIO - From 5:30-8 p.m. Friday (June 22), The Art Vault Gallery in downtown Troy will host four local authors for a book signing party, which will most likely be the first of many such events at the new gallery.
"The Art Vault Gallery is all about the arts and we include writers as artists," said Patty Rose, owner of The Art Vault Gallery, located at 2 E. Main St. on the Square in downtown Troy. "We invite local writers to share their projects with our patrons. The gallery has artists that are also the illustrators of the very books that are being newly published. We are all working together in our promoting of the arts through the Vault."

"Patty has been so supportive of everything we've done in the past, and The Art Vault Gallery will be the perfect place to continue this relationship," said Meaghan Fisher, owner of Gypsy Publications, which is the publisher that represents each of the four authors that will be at Friday's event, which are: Greg Enslen, author of "Tipp Talk," Laura Lamascola and Adria Ruff, author and illustrator of the children's book "Aidey Comet: I Like to Write," John Sheppard, author of the novel "Ten Days" and Jeremy Wenning, author of the novel "Moonlight Curse."

Fisher said one of the best things about attending the Friday party is that aspiring writers and illustrators can talk directly to the authors and artists and find out what it takes to get published, including working with the Miami County-based Gypsy Publications.
"We consider ourselves one big family and we all know how hard it is to get published," Fisher said.
Gypsy Publications started as a publishing source for Fisher to complete her line of children's books, including her most recent and third book "I Love Ladybugs."
Fisher said she went through the regular avenues of trying to get published and hit many brick walls and also ran into a lot of people who simply wanted to take her money and run.

"Our goal is to try and get as much for people as we can for as little money as possible," she said.
Fisher said the cost to get a book published at Gypsy Publications averages between $300-600 dollars, depending on the type of book. Variables that change the cost for example are: page count, editor fees, illustrator fees, as well as if it is a picture book with color, such as a children’s book.

Along with help in preparing the book for publication and using a printer with the best prices Fisher can find, Gypsy Publications also helps with marketing, hosting events (such as Friday's book signing) using the Internet ,Kindles, and Nooks to get publications to the largest audience possible.

"We also allow the writers to keep 100 percent of their rights," she said. "This is something that often scares writers that are trying to get published; they want to keep creative and financial control of the book, and we allow that to happen."

Fisher said currently, Gypsy Publications is looking for children's books, local based books, romantic novels, and humorous novels, but that she is open to ideas.
Potential authors or illustrators interested in working with Gypsy Publications should either have a complete manuscript prepared, or four to six sample chapters, as well as a marketing plan, and a resume of their writing experience sent via email to: Gypsypublications@yahoo.com for consideration. "This will help me take (the writer) step-by-step through the process," she said.

As of 2012, Fisher said she is reading dozens of manuscripts each month and has nine books published and 15 more in the works.
"Things are going very well," she said. "And the four authors that will be at the gallery on Friday have wonderful stories to share about their experience with us."
For more information on Gypsy Publications, visit www.gypsypublications.com or e-mail gypsypublications@yahoo.com.

Along with the book signing and Q&A with the four authors on Friday, guests to The Art Vault Gallery can explore the beautiful selection of artwork and enjoy complimentary food and drinks. To preview the art at The Art Vault Gallery, visit www.theartvaultgallery.com.






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